We see you Diego “Stromboli” Carabajal:

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We see you and your sick twisted mind and disregard for life. Women, stay away from him, he’s a sociopath to the very definition and he will kill you if he has a chance. Just ask him, I’m thinking he will like this post and agree. He will get a sick hard-on and jack off on the image of you being abused by his very hands and then finish Himself off when he sees your dead cold body appear. We see you though. I urge any young girl who has been victim to his sickness report him to police. He deserves to get help.. . but only behind bars for the rest of his life. His family and friends need to be brave and protect innocent victims (past, present and future) by warning people to stay away from him. You need to warn people about who he truly is. He’s going to get what he deserves in this world. That I am sure of. Diego.. . just when you think you’ve gotten away with your crimes.. . is when justice will be served. You’re mind will never be at peace, and that Is probably the only peace I will Ever have for your attempt to kill HER. The truth is coming.

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